Caring For Your Smile with Orthodontics

Orthodontics can be a great way to improve the look and function of your smile, but it’s important to remember that proper care is still necessary. While the teeth are being straightened with braces, individuals must ask their dentist about oral health care habits that can ensure a smooth transition to a beautiful smile after treatment has concluded. Dr. Daniel Pulsipher of Springs Dental in Murrieta, CA is a dentist in the community providing many ways to achieve straighter teeth and maintain a healthy smile throughout the process.

What orthodontic treatments are available at Springs Dental?

Visiting a Murrieta dentist who offers orthodontic treatment is the first step in learning more about available treatment options. Dr. Daniel Pulsipher is excited to offer a wide selection of solutions to straighten the smile. Below are just a few of the common orthodontic treatments:

• Traditional metal braces – conventional braces or orthodontia is often used in more severe cases to address significant malocclusion and the misalignment of the dental arch.
Clear braces – similar to traditional metal braces, these braces have clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to achieve the same results while remaining less noticeable.
• ClearCorrectClearCorrect is a tray alignment process that uses acrylic trays that snap over the dental arch to gently reposition the teeth with time.
• FastbracesFastbraces focuses on the “social six,” the anterior teeth positioned at the front of the smile. In a very short time, gaps can be closed, and misaligned teeth can be straightened.
• Invisalign – Invisalign is another clear aligner tray treatment that eliminates the need for brackets and wires while allowing patients to care for their smile without brushing or flossing around appliances.

Some of these treatments use brackets and wires, such as traditional and clear braces, while others use aligner trays worn over the teeth to reposition them. Patients are encouraged to book a consultation visit with Dr. Daniel Pulsipher to find out the best options for their unique smile needs and discuss the care and attention required for each.

How do I take care of my teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment?

There are many ways that practicing good oral hygiene can benefit patients wearing braces or Invisalign:

• By keeping up with daily brushing and flossing routines, patients will avoid damaging their teeth and braces as well as maintain a healthy smile.
• Patients should avoid certain foods, including those sticky or hard enough to damage brackets and wires.
• Patients with clear aligner therapy will want to remove their aligners for brushing, flossing, and eating and clean the teeth thoroughly before replacing them.
• Avoiding or limiting the consumption of acidic or high-sugar beverages and foods will reduce the risk of damage to the teeth or contribute to the development of cavities and disease.
• Visiting the dentist regularly for evaluations to monitor the improvement of realignment throughout the process is vital to ensuring the best possible results by the end of the treatment program.
• Patients will want to contact their dentist when they have concerns or issues with their braces to obtain prompt treatment and continue to improve their smile with time.

How do I learn more about orthodontic options and oral health?

If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment or caring for your smile during treatment, be sure to talk to your Murrieta dentist. Dr. Daniel Pulsipher and his team at Springs Dental work alongside patients to help them achieve the smile of their dreams while ensuring it stays healthy, beautiful, and functional. Springs Dental is conveniently located in Murrieta, CA at 39755 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Ste. #A110 and is open to new patients and families considering comprehensive dental care solutions in a single dental clinic.

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