Orthodontics For Adults

Does it seem like more Murrieta adults these days are getting braces or clear aligners? That’s because they are! Orthodontic treatment options for adults are more diverse and accessible than ever, making now an excellent time to finally get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted.


Why Wear Orthodontics in Adulthood?

In the past, kids made up the majority of orthodontic patients. Today, adults account for about half (if not more) of people in braces and orthodontic aligners. Here are five of the most common reasons why we see adults wearing orthodontics in Murrieta:

1. They Never Had a Chance to Get Braces

Did you miss out on getting braces as a kid or teen? Maybe it wasn’t in your family’s budget, or your dentist said you didn’t need them? It isn’t too late, and you didn’t miss the window of time to have straighter teeth. Now is an excellent opportunity to practice self-care and find out which type of braces are right for you as an adult. There are no age restrictions, so if you’re in your 50s, 60s, or beyond, we encourage you to talk with our Murrieta dentist about your options.


2. Adults are Committed and Invested in Their Treatment

As an adult patient, you’re probably paying for your orthodontic appliances out of your own budget. When you’re the one paying for the treatment, you’re even more invested in following through with your home care. That’s why adults tend to make exceptional orthodontic patients! You follow all of the instructions, keep up with your follow-up appointments, and as a result, you see a great outcome at the conclusion of your treatment. That means fewer delays, less time in braces, and straighter teeth!


3. Cosmetic Concerns

Investing in adult orthodontics is a great option to aesthetically enhance your smile’s appearance. Since straighter teeth are more symmetrical and proportionate across the mouth, it naturally improves the way your overall smile looks. And with the option of wearing clear aligners instead of traditional braces, you know you’ll look great the entire time you’re wearing adult orthodontics.


When you wear braces as an adult, you get access to a natural and non-invasive cosmetic treatment that can last a lifetime. No changes to your teeth are necessary, but if you want to kick things up a notch, you can also whiten your smile! If you’re in aligners, you can whiten your smile during your orthodontic treatment.


4. You Wore Braces as a Kid but Didn’t Wear Your Retainer

Did you have braces as a child or a teen, only to stop wearing your retainer once you went off to college or out on your own? Over time, our teeth tend to experience a “mesial drift” where they shift toward your midline (the middle of your mouth), but they can also go back to the position they were in before you had braces. In fact, orthodontic systems like Invisalign were originally created specifically for adults to help correct orthodontic relapse!


5. You’re Prone to Gum Disease, Cavities, or TMJ Problems

Crooked and crowded teeth are statistically more likely to lead to issues like recurring cavities, periodontal disease, and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder.) Investing in adult orthodontics can help align your bite so that things function properly and your teeth are easier to clean. Think of it as an investment in your oral health. Some specialists even go on to include adult orthodontics as an essential element of comprehensive periodontal treatment.


What is Orthodontic Treatment for Adults?

Orthodontic treatment options for adults range from traditional braces to ceramic appliances and removable, clear aligners. Clear aligners tend to be the most popular because they’re discreet, easy to care for, and you can eat whatever you want with them since the trays are removable.


If you think it’s too late to enjoy a straighter smile, it isn’t. Adults can still get braces or aligners at any time. For more information about your treatment options or for answers to common FAQ about orthodontics as adults, reserve a consultation at Springs Dental in Murrieta today.

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