The Importance of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Many patients will experience the extraction of one or more teeth within their lifetime. For many, this is the removal of the wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars. Many people do not have room in their smile for the wisdom teeth, which develop as the last teeth in the smile during one’s late teen or young adult years. This causes them to often become impacted, or stuck, underneath the gumline. This can cause pain and other serious side effects, resulting in the recommendation that the teeth be extracted. Tooth extractions in Murrieta are performed by Dr. Daniel Pulsipher and his team at Springs Dental.

What happens to adults with wisdom teeth?

Some adults develop their wisdom teeth without any issues. They often come through the gum line in the very back of the mouth. Because of their location in the dental arch, it can be difficult for patients to keep clean, even if they are diligent about brushing and flossing. This can lead to disease or decay in the smile and warrant the removal of the teeth. For others, the jaw is not large enough to accommodate these teeth and results in impaction—and pain.

How many wisdom teeth do I need removed?

When one wisdom tooth is problematic, the dental team at Springs Dental may still encourage patients to have all their wisdom teeth removed at the same time. It does not make sense to remove one and wait for the other teeth to cause problems to undergo removal again. Therefore, it is more affordable for patients to have all the wisdom teeth removed during a single appointment than at separate visits as they become problematic.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

There are two types of removal that may be performed. For teeth that are impacted and stuck in the jawbone, surgical extraction is the key. This requires the dentist to cut into the gums, remove the tooth from the jaw, and suture the area for healing. Alternatively, if a tooth has already come through the gum line, a simple extraction is performed. Patients are anesthetized locally, and the tooth is removed carefully within just a few minutes.

How long does it take to heal after wisdom teeth have been extracted?

The healing process after wisdom tooth removal depends significantly on the type of wisdom tooth procedure performed. Patients with simple extractions may need a few days for the area to clot and heal, while those who have had surgical extraction may need up to two to three weeks. Surgical extractions often require patients to enjoy a softer diet until the area has healed properly and the sutures have been removed or dissolved.

Why might I need wisdom teeth removed?

There are a few reasons why wisdom teeth may be removed. Some of the problems include:

  • An impacted tooth that cannot break through the gumline
  • Lack of space for the wisdom tooth to erupt, increasing the risk of impaction
  • Infection around the tooth that has become impacted
  • Severe pain and discomfort in the jaw and surrounding teeth from impaction
  • The teeth pushing the existing teeth out of position
  • Removing the wisdom teeth so they do not disrupt orthodontic treatments
  • Proactively removing wisdom teeth during other oral surgeries

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